[January 30, 2013] New CMANTIC Website is online. We are going to use Facebook for future news updates.
[January 26, 2013] A team from Vetter Health Services, Omaha toured the CMANTIC Lab.
[January 11, 2013] Ph.D. student Janyl Jumadinova received the Helen Hanson Outstanding Graduate Student Award from the UNO Graduate Council. The award includes a cash prize and a plaque to be presented at the Honors Convocation in April 2013.


[December 17-21, 2012] Dr. Dasgupta and graduate student Souvik Bose visited INAOE in Puebla, Mexico to present and attend the workshop on pedestrian crowd simulation.
[October 28, 2012] We had a very successful open house event at the IST Fall open house with more than 60 people visiting the CMANTIC lab. [Photos]
[October 23, 2012] Dr. Enrique Munoz de Cote, Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, INAOE, Mexico, gave a presentation on his research titled "Sophisticated agents": How to Modify the Behavior of a Multi-agent System without Reconfiguration".
[October 22-26, 2012] Drs. Munoz-Melendez and Munoz de Cote visited the CMANTIC lab as part of the FRI grant on pedestrian crowd simulation. [Photos]
[June 22, 2012] Dr. Dasgupta and Dr. Baca offered the first junior-high summer robotics workshop. The blog of the workshop is here. The second workshop is scheduled for the week of July 16, 2012.
[May 2012] Dr. Munoz-Melendez (INAOE) and Dr. Dasgupta (UNO) received an FRI grant from UNO for $10,000 for a project on simulation of pedestrian crowds using game-theoretic and social networking models. The project involves faculty from UNO and, INAOE and BUAP in Mexico. The project blog is here.
[May 22, 2012] Dr. Dasgupta gave an invited keynote talk on his research at the IMASC 2012 workshop of the CTS 2012 conference in Denver, CO.
[March 28, 2012] Janyl Jumadinova received the 2012 dissertation scholarship (cash prize $2,000) from the UNO Office of Graduate Studies.
[February 18, 2012] CMANTIC lab exhibit at Nebraska Robotics Expo [Photos]


[December 5, 2011] Zachary Wilson received the best graduate student award from the UNO computer science department. Justin Schmidt received an award for participating in the 2011 UNO ACM Programming contest team. [Photos]
[November 14, 2011] Dr. Sajal Kumar Das, Prof., Comp. Sci. & Engg. Dept, U. Texas, Arlington, visited the CMANTIC lab
[November 11, 2011] Dr. Nikolaus Correll, Asst. Prof., Computer Science Dept, U. Colorado, Boulder, visited the CMANTIC lab and gave a presentation at the CIST round table titled "Any-COM Multi-robot Path Planning". [Photos]
[October 28, 2011] Dr. Noa Agmon, Research Associate, CS Dept., U. Texas, Austin visited the CMANTIC Lab and gave a presentation at the CIST Round Table titled "Multi-robot Patrol: From Theory to Reality"
[October 25, 2011] Dr. Vint Cerf visited the C-MANTIC Lab as part of his tour of the UNOmaha campus [Photos]
[September 2011] Rockbrook Elementary students visit the C-MANTIC Lab [Photos]
[August 2011] We received a 3-year, $1 million grant from NASA EPSCoR for the ModRED project
[August 2011] Our paper titled "Distributed Decision Making in a Multi-agent Prediction Market using Partially Observable Stochastic Games"received the Best Paper Award at ICEC 2011.
[July 2011] Dr. Dasgupta gave an invited talk on "Multi-robot Team Formation using Coalition Games" at the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata
[June 2011] Ke Cheng graduated as the first Ph.D. student from the CMANTIC Lab. Congrats, Ke!
[May 2011] Dr. Dipti Prasad Mukherjee, Chair and Professor, Electrial and Communication Sciences Unit, Indian Statistical Institute visited the CMANTIC Lab and gave a presentation at the CIST Round Table titled "Tracking Deformable Shapes in Video using Active Contour"
[May 2011] Janyl Jumadinova was selected to present her research at the AAMAS doctoral student consortium.
[April 2011] Zachary Ramaekers successfully defended his Master's thesis on dynamic reconfiguration in modular robots using coalition games under uncertainty. Congrats, Zach!