COMRADES (COoperative Multi-Robot Autonomous DEtection System) for Humanitarian Demining


Robotic Landmine detection using Coroware Explorer robots in an outdoor environment COMRADES Demo: Simulated landmine detection using Corobot robots in indoor lab environment


Funding: Office of Naval Research, U. S. Dept. of Defense (2009-2014)


The central objective of the COMRADE (COoperative Multi-Robot Automated DEtection) system for humanitarian demining is to enable coordination techniques between multiple low-cost, off-the-shelf autonomous, mobile robots which enable them to collaboratively detect landmines with high accuracy in post-conflict regions. COMRADES includes novel techniques to allow each robot to explore an initially unknown, bounded area of interest while searching for landmine-like objects, recognize landmine-like objects on its sensors and coordinate its actions with other robots so that multiple robots with different types sensors can converge on the object to analyze and confirm the object as a landmine. Our research in this project focussed on threee major technical objectives:


COMRADES Overview Poster (presented at the ONR Science and Technology Conference, Washington D.C., November 2010)


Project Publications